Free Anonymous Web Proxy

About SecureTunnel Xpress

  • No setup required or installation required.
  • Can be used anywhere you have internet access.
  • Easy to use, just go to the ST Xpress page and surf protected.
  • Encrypted URLs protect your privacy.
  • Cookie manager helps protect privacy.

What is SecureTunnel Xpress?

SecureTunnel Xpress is an anonymous proxy service that works right from your web browser window with no installation and virtually no configuration required. To anonymize your web traffic you simply navigate to and enter a website URL that you want to surf to anonymously in the ST Xpress address bar and press the submit button. You will be redirected to your page anonymously and securely. The SecureTunnel Xpress bar will remain at the top of the page so you can continue to surf from site to site anonymously without starting over from the main Xpress page. SecureTunnel Xpress is a free anonymous proxy service offered by

Why use SecureTunnel Xpress?

SecureTunnel Xpress is completely portable so it can be used anywhere you have access to the internet and anytime you want to anonymize your web browsing. Sometimes you may find yourself in a public location where you need to access sensitive information such as bank statements or important e-mail. With SecureTunnel Xpress you can easily and safely protect your personal information from being intercepted.

University and corporate administrators often lock down certain websites to prevent access by employees or students. Myspace, Facebook and other social networking sites are often off limits, but with SecureTunnel Xpress, you can visit these sites without restriction, effectively bypassing web filters.

How SecureTunnel Xpress works

SecureTunnel Xpress works by placing a bar across the top of your browser window with a new navigation bar inside. The navigation all takes place within the navigation bar and all the URL data is encoded to prevent nosey system administrators or snoopers from finding out what sites you may be visiting. SecureTunnel Xpress works with nearly any website, including Youtube, myspace, facebook and many more.