What does SecureTunnel Surf™ do for me?

SecureTunnel Surf is a plugin that installs right into your favorite browser* and seamlessly protects and anonymises your internet activity while breaking through roadblocks which may prevent you from viewing the internet the way you want to.

SecureTunnel Surf™ allows you to view your favorite websites and digital content services from anywhere in the world. With SecureTunnel Surf™ you can view U.S. based content, as well as content from many other geographic areas. Your IP address will be changed and your privacy will be protected.

"Perfect for those mostly concerned protecting their web activities and enabling protected content on the web and/or that do not have admin rights to their PC or Mac."

Will SecureTunnel Surf™ allow me to browse anonymously?

Yes! SecureTunnel Surf changes your IP address so your identity is protected by our encrypted servers. Your browsing and any webpage you view is encrypted and your activity cannot be logged. With SecureTunnel Surf™ you can browse anonymously to nearly any website worldwide.

SecureTunnel Surf Features

Regional Identity

Lightning Fast Servers

Works on ALL Desktops

Works on ALL Laptops

Protects your Privacy

30-Day Money Back Guarentee