Total online protection for your entire PC or Mac.

SecureTunnel Private Network (STPN) is the newest and most advanced product in our lineup. STPN leverages the power and speed of OpenVPN on our worldwide network of servers to provide our customers with unparalleled speed, privacy and flexibility.

How does SecureTunnel Private Network work?

SecureTunnel Private Network installs on your Windows, Mac, or Linux OS computer and connects to SecureTunnel’s worldwide network of servers using strong encryption. STPN creates an encrypted VPN connection which protects all your computer’s connections while hiding your IP address.

"Perfect for those interested in completely encrypting and protecting all network and online traffic on their PC or Mac, as well as protecting their supported mobile devices."

Why use SecureTunnel Private Network?

STPN allows you to change your IP address and the location of your connection. Changing your IP address can allow you to connect to regional content, and hides your identity while online.

STPN is fast. With multiple servers, all over the world, and servers optimized for speed and reliability, your connection will be fast, secure, and stable. When you entrust your computer’s connection to an internet privacy provider, you want a fast and reliable connection and STPN delivers.

STPN is versatile. You can install STPN on Mac, Linus and Windows OS, so no matter which platform you are using, SecureTunnel has you covered.

Why use an Internet Privacy Provider?

Whenever you are online, your connection, the sites you visit, and any program which accesses the internet, are vulnerable to misuse of information. An internet privacy provider helps protect your identity while online by encrypting your internet connection, changing your IP address and mixing your traffic with that of thousands of other connections.

Because you can choose servers from all over the world, you can appear to be coming from any of the locations we offer. U.S servers are great for viewing regionally protected content, while overseas servers offer certain privacy benefits.

SecureTunnel Private Network Features

Regional Identity

Lightning Fast Servers

Works on ALL Desktops

Works on ALL Laptops

Protects your Privacy

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Automatic Setup

Optional Manual Configuration

Automatic Reconnection

Bypass Filters

Chat Software Supported

Hulu, BBC & Netflix Supported