Regional Identity


In the physical world, you are where you are.  You cannot be in two places at once without breaking the laws of physics, but thanks to Regional IdentityTM from SecureTunnel, no matter where you are in the world, you can appear to be where you want to be.  

Regional IdentityTM is a concept that allows you to choose the origination point of your connections by changing the server location in the SecureTunnel software.  If you want to be in the UK, choose a UK server. If you want to be in the US, choose a US server.  This is important for people who frequently travel outside of their home country and need access to region restricted content, and just as important to people who live in regions that are restricted by government firewalls.  If you need access to content that is blocked for any reason, choose a regional identity that allows that content to gain access.

 How Regional Identity Works

Every computer on the internet can be identified by its IP address.  Your IP address is easily used to find out your location and identity.  Regional IdentityTM works by hiding your IP address and changing your visible IP address to a SecureTunnel IP address.  Based on your IP address, you will then appear to be located in the same geographic location as the SecureTunnel server, so you will be able to access any information that is restricted to that region.