SecureTunnel Everywhere

SecureTunnel's products are designed with platform flexibility in mind. From Windows to Mac to Mobile - we have you covered.

Regional Identity

Regional Identity™ from SecureTunnel allows you to change your IP address to match a specific global location. You may want a regional connection for many reasons, such as streaming regionally restricted video, or accessing websites from foreign locations. With Regional Identity, you will be able to view the Internet as though you were physically in the region you select.

Ultra Fast

Our service is designed to be FAST as well as SECURE and we employ only the best, most reliable networks to get you from point A to B as fast as possible! No bouncing from "router to router", unlike the so called "free" technolgies. Remember, if something is free, then it's typically YOU that is the product. SecureTunnel delivers.

Run and Go Secure

SecureTunnel offers the easiest  to use VPN services available.  From our flagship Private Network service to our Xpress™ web-based proxy, no other provider gives you a professional end-to-end solution to privacy, identity protection and internet freedom than